Saturday, January 29, 2011

Notting Hill: watching the young at play

In the bar

The ladies

The ladies, so young and spritely, springing and leaping into adulthood, like new brown gazelles.

They bathe in the surface reality of fashion magazines; heroine chique, American Apparel.

Tops hanging off one shoulder, hair continuously frizzed, fuzzed and realigned.

They sing, they preen and they dance.

Calipgyian brunettes dressed in leggins and black furry hats, playfully twist their hair.

A split second of abandonment causes them to butterfly away gayfully and nonchalantly; and into the eyes, arms and attentions of another.

The men

Like Thom Yorke.



Mild mannered

Ostentation is distasetful at this age and in this setting.

Notting Hill Concepts

Trustafarians - white kids - who speak lack black people - but whose daddies are very wich.

Envy - what those who don't have what the kids of Notting Hill do feel.

Notting Hill Carnival 2010

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