Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Great Brain Robbers - David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne - Fail Mail Street Art

Fail Mail?

I knew enough about who's who, to begin to chuckle at the site of the guy's Virgin Media overalls.

By the evening time his piece de resistance shone out through the Old Street rain.

This work was put up in a week during which a small minority of 50,000 demonstrators ransacked the Conservative party headquarters, ostensibly in protest against the government's decision to increase the amount universities are allowed to charge students.

"Dead Leg" Clegg read the Fail Mail poster.

Nick Clegg seemed to break rank with the Prime Minister when he claimed, "I really think tuition fees are wrong. I think it is wrong to saddle young people with twenty five thousand quid of debt before they've taken their first step into adult life." This was however, before rather than after he decided to join Cameron in government.

The posters talked of the Oxford gang still at large, and of George Raging Bullingdon. Such a message seems to resonate with other claims made over the past few weeks that the Con-Demed policies constitute more violence on society than the actions of those who broke into Conservative headquarters.

One girl spoke on TV about how she had 'a little cry' with her mother when she realised how much debt she would be saddled with by the time she comes out of university. Girls who don't have mothers or fathers will be left to cry to themselves.

Girls with wealthy fathers, who will pay their tuition fees for them, wont need to cry at all.

It is a thoroughly miserable time to come from a poor background.

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